​Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)​


Your neurologist may have asked that you have further work up for your spells which involves an elective admission to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas (BUMC) which is located at 3500 Gaston Avenue, on the 3rd floor of the Truett building. You will have to be driven by someone else to and from your hospital stay.  During this visit you will be asked to stay in a monitored room where you will have a continuous electroencephalogram (EEG) with simultaneous video recording for the purpose of capturing your spells.


The evaluation of a patient's spells in an EMU is the gold standard for figuring out if a patient's spells are related to epilepsy or not. Up to half of patients admitted to the EMU are found to have other types of spells that are not epilepsy and may well have been the reason that the medications had not been working in the past. Patients who do have epilepsy may have further classification of their epilepsy type and their medications adjusted accordingly.  Finally some patients with epilepsy can be evaluated for various surgical options. After your visit, a full report will be sent to your regular neurologist with our findings and recommendations.


Because your visit at the EMU may be limited to a few days, it is vital that we do our best to try to capture your typical spell.  For this reason, you may be asked to reduce your sleep, have lights flashed, or be asked to breath fast at intervals and your medications may be reduced prior to the admission. 


During your stay you will be admitted under the care of an epileptologist who will supervise a team of nurses and technologist specifically trained for your visit.  

Your regular neurologist will need to get pre-authorization for your stay in the EMU from your insurance company and refer you to us.  You will get a call from Baylor Scott and White Neurology Dallas (469-800-7680) to schedule your visit.  On occasion, some patients may need to see Dr. Shamim in the clinic prior to their admission, if their neurologist requests.    

Smoking is not permitted in the EMU and nicotine patch can be provided during your stay.  Wifi is available in the EMU room.  


On the Day of Admission to the EMU

 You are asked to report to the Admissions office on the ground floor of the Jonsson Building at Baylor University Medical.  Entrance to the Jonsson building is from Junius Street (see below map) and visitor parking is across the street from Admissions also on Junius street.  After you have been checked into admissions you will be directed to go to the EMU on the 3rd floor of the Truett building which can be reached internally without going back to your car.