​​​​​What is a seizure?

A chemical imbalance or structural abnormality in the brain can result in abnormal electrical activity that results in clinical symptoms.  The symptoms depend on the part of the brain involved, falling along a spectrum, ranging from mild sensory symptoms, staring spells, confusion spells, motor  movements, generalized convulsions, and more.  Seizures may be provoked by general systemic conditions or may be part of a disorder known as epilepsy.


What do I do if my someone is having a seizure?

Make sure the patient's airway is clear by laying them on their side and lean them forward so if anything is in their mouth it will fall out.  Make sure they are in a place where they will not get hurt and move items that may injure them away from their head. There is no reason to put anything in the mouth of a patient having a seizure and this has been shown to be dangerous.  Call 911.​